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Tower/BOOM repairs

·       Repairs and preventative maintenance for all makes and models of utility equipment

·       Dielectric testing

·       Annual Tower inspections

·       Pre-purchase inspections-Call us before you buy that used piece of equipment that may incur costly repairs after purchase

·       Hydraulic hoses made on-site and in the field

·       We can rebuild and refurbish your equipment

·       Provide 5 year majors, 8 year cable changes


...New for 2014!


·       DOT inspections

·       Oil changes

·       Transmission service

·       Tune-ups

·       Replace head lights, tail lights, fuses

·       Replace batteries

·       Replace alternators

·       Replace belts (serpentine, fan)

·       Replace hoses

·       Cooling system repairs

·       Replace water pumps

Pam West - Operations Manager  

Ron Starks - Service Manager

Utility Equipment Services, Inc. 500 Codisco Way Sanford FL  32771 Office: 407-322-8861 info@UtilityEquipmentServices.com